Glands Problem

On average, roughly 80% of people within the industrial world suffer from adrenal fatigue within their lives. For some, it may last a couple of days but for others, this condition will last decades. This condition is generally occurs among among women, and is usually neglected or misdiagnosed as a result of main symptoms mirror those of alternative conditions. With adrenal fatigue, you can expect to notice small changes at first: salt and sugar cravings may provide you with occasional relief. Eventually you will perpetually want a caffeine fix from coffee or cola, become forgetful, have weak muscles, a diminished sex drive, feel that you simply cannot get enough sleep. You may also experience constipation alternating with looseness of the bowels. Eventually, you'll feel inclined to scale back activity and will try and avoid nerve-racking things as a result of you're feeling powerless.

Unless your condition is addressed properly, you will develop adult onset diabetes, autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, hypoglycemia and even fibromyalgia. Many people can suffer from anxiety and depression, have issues with concentration, periods of confusion, finding themselves at a loss for words and making simple mistakes with basic problem solving. Women with sub-optimal adrenals can complain of PMS, heightened menopausal symptoms and a weak immune system. Homeopathic treatment and medications are incredibly helpful to those who suffer with glandular issues. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed on a personal basis and specifically tailored to specific symptoms experienced by the patient.