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Insomnia is generally characterized as the chronic inability to initiate and maintain sleep, or the expertise of nonrestorative sleep. Sleep disorders such as insomnia are a heterogeneous challenge, taking several forms including issues falling asleep, frequent waking at night, early morning rousing and therefore the inability to fall back asleep.

The consequences of sleep disorders like insomnia include feeling tired during the day, fatigue, clumsiness, mood swings, employment and relationship issues, memory impairment and memory dysfunction. Half all automobile accidents are attributed to sleep issues with associated fatigue. Sleep disorder conjointly impairs the body's ability to heal and get over acute and chronic illness. Insomnia also contributes to the progression of inflammation in chronic disease, and contributes to obesity and diminishes sex appeal and drive.

Where traditional medicine treats insomnia by giving medicine to induce artificial sleep, which often might cause adverse side effects or addiction, the homeopathic care approach is completely safe and natural. It treats sleep disorder by giving a small dose of a substance that if given in larger doses, would cause sleeplessness in a very healthy person.