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Migraine Back

Migraines are a neurological syndrome characterized, severe headaches, and nausea. Migraines are typically more prevalent in women than in men. A common migraine headache is unilateral (affecting one 1/2 the head) and rhythmic, lasting from four to seventy two hours; symptoms embrace nausea, vomiting, photophobia (increased sensitivity to light), and simple phobia (increased sensitivity to sound).

The cause of head ache headache is currently unexplained however the prevailing theory regarding the source of migraines is that they are caused by a disorder of the serotonergic system, which says, the pain thought to be connected with the drop of level of seratonin resulting in the dilatation and inflammation of blood vessels.It has a robust inheritance link related to it and looks to run in families.

Homeopathy cures migraine for good. However it's a chronic disorder and should take few months to induce a permanent cure. Once the medication has been selected and is providing the desired results, most migraines won't suddenly stop. A patient can expect to experience a reduction of the severity and therefore the frequency of the migraines which gradually become a permanent cure over a period of time.