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Pimples Back

Looking For An Experienced Homeopathic Acne Treatment in Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Toronto, Oakville, Vaughan and Woodbridge, Canada? Welcome to Jasleen Khaneja. There are myriad of contributing factors that may cause a person to experience pimples or acne. Pimples or acne can be caused by puberty, hormonal imbalance, personal hygiene, diet, stress, some medications, chemical cosmetics, and general lifestyle. Acne isn't considered to be an illness or disease, but it can have consequences. Long term acne can cause psychological symptoms like depression, stress, social withdrawal and low self esteem. Homeopathy believes that pimples or acne can be treated with a strong defence. It is the body's response to fighting the bacteria. Homeopathy believes that acne, heals best once it has been dealt with beneath the skin and out of the body. For example, when a persons is plagued by pimples, it suggests that the body has not return to terms with the eruption through its natural healing processes. Our basic instinct is to dab a strong ointment on the pimple and once we do that, we impede the body's natural healing patterns.